Kingwood is proud to reward everyday heroes with $3,000 off on the Purchase Price of a new Kingwood Home.

Kingwood appreciates the everyday contribution and dedication of community heroes such as police, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, other staff at hospitals, and individuals part of the Canadian Armed Forces. These individuals dedicate there lives to serving communities!


Conditions: This program is open to 1. local hospital staff (doctors, nurses, other staff), 2. EMS Paramedics, 3. police or fire department, 4. members of the Canadian Armed Forces 5. Other hospital staff refers to individuals employed or providing direct services at a public hospital. The $3,000 savings discount applies to active Kingwood communities and is implemented before taxes. If you are accompanied by a real estate agent or represented by an outside co-operating agent, this program does not apply. This promotion is limited time and may change without notice. (last update: March 25, 2017.)

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