It pays to refer someone you know!

As a Kingwood homeowner or current purchaser, refer friends, family and colleagues to receive $1500.

Introduce someone you know to a Kingwood Sales Representative and you will receive $1500 on the closing of their new home. The person you referred will also receive $1500.

Drop by our Presentation Centre and make the introduction in person, or fill out the form below to qualify. For more information, please e-mail or call (416) 363-3137


You must be a current Kingwood Homes Purchaser or Homeowner in order to apply for the Kingwood Homes Referral Program. Persons you refer must have not previously purchased or signed an Agreement of Purchase of Sale with Kingwood Homes. Your application will be reviewed by Kingwood Homes for approval. If you are accompanied by a real estate agent, this program does not apply.

Relationship to the individual referred

Community of Interest